Directional Drilling

We can go beneath lawns, sidewalks, streets, highways, buildings, railroad tracks, and waterways where trenching is otherwise prohibited, with limited ground disturbance. We also now have the ability to supply and fuse high density pipe from 1 ¼” to 30” with our fusion machine.


Ploughing is ideal for big projects that are a great distance where there is enough space for the equipment to get through.


Hydrovacing is a safer, non-destructive way to locate underground utilities and excavate soil. This is done by using pressurized water and a vacuum to move debris to the debris tank.


We have a wellpoint dewatering system that is used to reduce the amount of water in the excavation area. This is done by setting up well points around the excavation area that is hooked up to a dewatering pump. The water gets sucked up into the pump and is then pumpe out to a designated point.

Additional Services

  • Water and Sewer Installation
  • Pipe Breaks
  • Trenching
  • Excavating
  • Road Building
  • Site Preparation
  • Sand and Gravel Work
  • Culvert Installation
  • Ditching
  • Snow Removal